Brandon Auto Auto Repair

(858) 452-9999

6670 Miramar Rd. ,
San Diego, CA 92121



I highly recommend that this repair shop is a honest and nice services, I been coming here for 5 years and they always did a good job on my car, if you don’t believe you should try once and you will love it.

Albert W.

- The manager was slick enough the open a sales training school; every aspiring salesperson can learn from him.
- The actual repairs they strongly recommend were mostly in my best interests. The pads they removed from my car were worn to less than 1/8 inch… Closer to 1/16 of an inch actually.
- Reasonable hourly rates for an independent garage, which range from ~$65 to their quoted rate of $75/hour, depending on how resistant you seem to their sales pitch and how good you play hardball.

Benjamin W.

Brandon Auto Smog and Repair is a solid establishment and honest shop, who works for a good price point.

Melissa K.

After reading these previous reviews, I was a little nervous in my decision to use Brandon’s to repair my car. I needed a catalytic converter and an EGR valve for my car to pass smog, and his quote was the cheapest. Not too cheap where you think you are getting ripped off though. Reading the previous reviews on how the owner tries to up sell you, did help me going in there, and I was able to easily troubleshoot what I needed and what was simply an up sell. I dropped my car off on Thursday night, and the owner gave me a loner car to use to get to work the next day at no charge. My car was ready and passed smog by Friday after work. I would definitely go back!